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Submitted to: https://itch.io/jam/monthly-24-hour-game-jam-

This was going to be an hour jam submission but it wasn't done yet. It's almost to the point where I wanted it to be except that "fighting," collecting materials, and "furnishing" are missing. The enemy spawner even detects collision and prints out "Ambushed by ____" in the console if you start it in the console.

Using the framework code I had been developing using libGDX, I tried to make a quick top-down rpg in a few hours of programming. This is as far as I got.

The concept in my head was you walk around a couple maps, "fight" random encounter monsters to collect materials. If you collect enough materials and walk into the house then you will see furniture inside.

Uses assets from:




Install instructions

Requires Java 6, I think. Should run fine on Windows, Linux, or Mac. If double clicking doesn't work use this command "java -jar thisgame.jar"


furnishmyhousebeta.jar 25 MB

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