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You need to go kill 3 of each monster of which there are 5. You don't actually have health so you don't need to worry about dying. Controls are Space/Enter and WASD/Arrow keys.

Was making this for the weekly hour game jam earlier today and it took longer than an hour! It's finished except I didn't quite manage to get collision with the furniture working. Oh well, that's 5-hours of last-minute development for you.

EDIT: I changed some text including adding some to the title screen to give directions and reflect the Idle Thumbs Podcast title "With Free Monster Samples" because that's what you collect to build furniture somehow: https://www.idlethumbs.net/idl...

Never heard of Idle Thumbs before and it doesn't really conform to the optional diversifiers but I still submitted it to Wizard Jam 5: https://itch.io/jam/wizard-jam...

I used my little framework I have been developing using libGDX.

Uses assets from:




Install instructions

Requires Java 6, I think. Should run fine on Windows, Linux, or Mac. If double clicking doesn't work try this command "java -jar thisgame.jar"


FurnishYourHouse1.1.jar 25 MB
furnishmyhouse.jar 25 MB


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Took a little patience figuring out what to do, but I got there in the end and furnished my house! If there were some more development of the mechanics (maybe being able to check the inventory and see a furniture "recipe", with multiple rounds of house-furnishing) I could see where this could be fleshed out into a fuller game.